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Printing your photos on stone is a beautiful and unique way to display and celebrate your favourite captured moments. The stone adds texture and depth to your image and provides a natural matt finish. Each of our stone products is made and printed by us, ensuring your print on stone is of the highest quality and craftsmanship. We have a range of stone products that you can choose from. Explore each of our stone products below, and when you are ready, simply upload your photos and we'll take care of the rest.


Framed Stone Prints

Imogen Stone

Our Framed Stone Prints are a beautiful combination of a smooth stone surface and reclaimed timber. Each piece is crafted by hand which allows us to preserve and expose the unique qualities and character of each product. Your photo is printed directly onto the white stone surface, which provides a subtle texture and matt finish to your image. The hardwood timber frames the image and helps to soften and add character to the print. Our Framed Stone Prints come in three shapes: square, rectangle and panoramic. Each shape has a small, medium and large size to suit any image. Create your own stone print today by uploading your photo online.

Stone Tiles

Imogen Stone

Our handcrafted Stone Tiles are great for high quality photos as well as photos taken from Facebook or Instagram. The Stone Tiles are square, with a beautiful tumbled edge and come unframed. They are best suited for your wall or book shelf or stand. Create your own Stone Tile today by uploading your photo online.


Mini Stones

Print on stone

Our Mini Stones are a cute way to display your cherished photos. Each piece is made from composite stone and has a beautiful tumbled edge finish. They are the perfect gift and a great way to personalise your desk space, shelf or wall. Create your own Mini Stone print today by uploading your photo online.





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