'Birthing Cave' by Miimi + Jiinda


'Birthing Cave' printed on our Mini Stone 100x 100 x 20mm.

'Women walked to the birth cave about three months before their baby was due to be born. They were attended by other women, more experienced women. These midwives stayed with them. The birth cave was always chosen for its sacredness, it was sheltered, close to fresh running water and abundant plants providing medicine and food. The caves were usually sandstone and created millions of years ago by sand and water. In Aboriginal culture, the woman are revered. They are the ones who carry life. They are the creator. Mainly it is the mother who nurtures, she provides the patience, the nourishment for life and life itself.'

  • The artwork is printed directly onto the composite stone surface
  • A timber stand is supplied with your order
  • A d-ring hanger is secured to the back of each stone 
  • Once purchased, your order will be shipped within 3 business days 
  • To be displayed in dry, interior spaces only