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Transforming Your Precious Memories into Timeless Art with Prints on Stone

Discover the art of preserving your cherished moments with our unique prints on stone. Imogen Stone offers a range of handcrafted products, including framed stone panels, stone tiles, and mini stones, all designed to give your photos a whole new dimension.

Each piece is carefully crafted and expertly printed on stone in our Sydney workshop. We take pride in delivering exceptional quality to homes across Australia through our convenient online store. Explore the magic of prints on stone and relive your memories in a way that's truly special.

Stone material

Our stone material is a specially developed composite medium exclusively crafted for our printing process. It's formulated from naturally occurring elements that come together to provide us with a distinctive canvas for our prints. Our stone material stands out with its natural matte finish, remarkable scratch resistance, resistance to fading, eco-friendly properties, and exceptional durability.

Reclaimed hardwood frames

Our reclaimed hardwood frames, designed to enhance your prints on stone, are not just visually appealing but also eco-friendly. Crafted from salvaged hardwood, they create a sustainable and stunning display for your cherished memories. With shades ranging from light browns to rich chestnut, adorned with distinctive dark grains and markings, these frames add warmth to your prints on stone. At 40mm in depth, they provide the perfect frame for your eco-conscious and visually captivating prints on stone.

Tasmanian oak frames

Our Tasmanian oak frames offer a lighter option for showcasing your prints on stone. These frames feature a delightful spectrum of colors, ranging from straw blondes to gentle pinkish hues, complemented by slightly darker grain patterns. The natural timber infuses warmth into your imagery, making it a perfect fit for contemporary interior spaces. With a slimmer profile at 30mm in depth, these frames provide a sleeker look and finish compared to our reclaimed frames. Notably, our Tasmanian oak is sourced from plantations dedicated to the construction industry, in line with our commitment to sustainability.

Mini Stones + Stone Tile prints

Our Mini Stone and Stone Tile range is tailored for those who appreciate the natural beauty of stone, free from the confines of a frame. These designs reveal the distinct edges of the stone, creating a truly unique and authentic presentation. Ideal for those seeking to add a personal touch to their desk or shelf space, these prints are the canvas for your favorite cherished moments. They also make for the perfect gift, allowing you to preserve life's precious little moments in a truly special way.

Unlocking the Beauty of Stone: Our Printing Process

At Imogen Stone, we harness the power of cutting-edge UV printing technology to breathe life into your prints on stone. This advanced process, combined with the natural porosity of our stone, creates a photo-like, enduring finish that will grace your spaces for decades to come. Our use of the CMYK color space guarantees true-to-life replication of your cherished images. What makes our prints truly distinctive is the slight off-white hue of the stone surface. This unique filter adds a subtle and beautiful twist to your images, elevating their aesthetic appeal to a whole new level.