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Prints on stone

Printing your photos on stone is a beautiful and unique way to display and celebrate your favourite captured moments. Our framed stone panels, stone tiles, and mini stones, add depth and texture to the printed image to create a new and enriched way to showcase your memories. Our products are handcrafted and printed by us in our workshop in Brisbane. We are an online store and we ship our products throughout Australia.

Stone material

Our stone is a composite material that we have specifically created as our new media for printing. The ingredients are naturally occurring and combine together to give us a unique surface for our prints. The key attributes of the stone is the natural matte finish, scratch resistance, fade resistance, sustainability and strength.

Reclaimed hardwood frames

Our reclaimed hardwood is full of beautiful natural character. The frames range in colour from a light brown to chestnut brown with dark grain and markings throughout. The natural colouring and character add a warmth to the image that is truely unique. The frames are 40mm deep and complement the finish of the print on stone.

Tasmanian oak frames

Our Tasmanian oak range offers you a lighter coloured frame option for your print on stone. The colours range from straw blondes to pinkish hues and has a slighter darker grain. The timber adds warmth to your image and it looks great in contemporary interior spaces. This range is also a slimmer version of the reclaimed frames being 30mm deep. The oak is also more uniform than the reclaimed timber giving a 'cleaner' look and finish. Our Tasmanian oak is sourced from plantations specifically grown for the construction industry in keeping with our environmentally sustainable ethos.

Mini Stones + Stone Tile prints

Our Mini Stone and Stone Tile range was designed for our customers that love the finish of the stone by itself. The natural character of the stone is exposed along the edge, creating a unique finish for their print on stone. This range is perfect if you are looking to add a smaller personal touch to spaces such as displayed on desktops or shelves.

Printing process

We use the latest in UV printing technology to create our prints on stone. This process along with the unique porosity of our stone combine to create a photo-like natural finish that will last for a decades. We print using the CMYK colour space to ensure detailed replication of your images.