Print on stone

Why print on stone? Great question. 

First of all, prints on stone look amazing! The natural materials add texture and depth to the printed image and allow for a beautiful natural matte finish. The combination of the composite stone and the latest in UV printing technology create a fine art print which is unique and high quality.

Printing onto our stone surface allows for a unique matte finish to the printed image which is natural and adds a slight texture.

With the natural materials, longitivtiy of the product, and the use of reclaimed hardwood for the framing, our products have a sustainable aspect.  

The density of the composite stone combined with the latest UV printing technology results in a high quality photo like finish. The natural character in the stone and the reclaimed timber adds a beautiful depth and warmth tot he image and it's timeless.

Printing on the stone also allows for your photo to be be viewed and displayed without the need for a piece of glass which reflects the light and distorts the image.


So now you know why to print your precious memories on stone, click on one of our stone products below to create your very own!